Water Pipeline

Are pipelines which transport most drinking water by overpressure to their respective destination.

On the basis of the following projects you will get an insight into our work on water pipelines.

WL Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan

In the winter of 2009 we were allowed to inspect an approximately 250 kilometers long water transport pipeline that runs across Azerbaijan to the capital Baku for leaks.

Among other things we should carry out randomly sleeve tests along the pipeline.

Leak locating Comm. Gnas

Styria, Austria

As you can see in the following photos we were commissioned to perform a fault location on the water pipeline in the Community Gnas.

We succeeded in locating the source of the fault at +/- 10 centimeter.

Leak locating Westfahlen


Spring 2016

The fault location of a DN 1000 millimeters steel pipeline in Westfahlen went without any problems.