Here we present you our special works.

This can be for example tests by a pipe manufacturer or other special leak tests.


Elin Engines GmbH

Styria, Austria

In the winter of 2011 we were commissioned to set up and demonstrate a finished measuring device to determine the tightness at Elin Engines GmbH.

Shaft test Landfill

Frohnleiten, Styria, Austria

In the winter of 2011 our order was to inspect a shaft at the landfill in Frohnleiten.

Since this was problematic due to the pollutants in the shaft interior we had to work with a respirator.


Leak location swimming pool

Styria, Austria

After a loss of water at the swimming pool in autumn 2011 , we started with a fault location and found the source of the leak relatively quick.

Test Amex Seals

Company site Heiko Fischer GmbH

The company Amex approached us in the spring of 2012 to test the tightness of one of their seals.

Cleaning Ventilation pipes Landfill

Frohnleiten, Styria, Austria

Below you can see photos of our work on cleaning the ventilation pipes of the landfill in Frohnleiten in autumn 2015.