Pressure tests of penstocks

Austrian standards B 2538 / EN 805

Penstocks can be further subdivided into:

  • Penstocks in the wastewater sector
  • Drinking-water penstocks
  • Water-transport penstocks

The test-method according to the Austrian standard B 2538 / EN 805 should be used.

However, for drinking-water pipelines, you have to use drinking-water as pressure test medium.


Important is the venting of the pipeline before the pressure test !!!

How you properly ventilate will show you our examiner on site.

Austrian standard B 5050

The new Austrian standard for proof of tightness and stability by means of pressure testing of water-bearing, new and existing penstocks.


This includes:

  • Penstocks for hydroelectric power plants
  • Penstocks for Artificial snow systems
  • Fill- and extraction pipes for storage ponds in Artificial snow systems


  • Sewers
  • Water supply pentsocks

This Austrian standard applies to all pipe materials.


Pressure test Power plant pipeline ÖNORM B5050
Pressure test Power plant pipeline
Pressure Range Artificial snow systems
Pressure Range Artificial snow systems

Vacuum penstock

These are special penstocks in which the water isn't transported to the destination by overpressure, but is sucked in from the target with a vacuum pump.

They are very rare because they are expensive to build and to check.